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  • What Happens at an Arraignment?

    An arraignment is another word for the first court appearance in a Colorado criminal case. During a typical arraignment, several things will typically happen, such as the following: The defendant is informed of the charges The defendant enters a plea The judge sets the case for further proceedings Usually, the accused must always be present at the arraignment for felony cases, but in misdemeanor ...
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  • How Do Bail & Bonds Work?

    If you’ve never been arrested or involved in criminal law, you might not know how exactly bail works. You hear it on the news all the time, but what exactly does “released on bail” mean? And if someone is accused of a crime, why would they be allowed to walk free? Bail is an incredibly old practice. If someone is arrested on suspicion of a crime, the person will be taken by cops to jail for ...
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  • Understand Your Right to Legal Advice During a DUI Investigation

    Many people fear being pulled over by the cops, especially if they’ve had a drink or two before driving. The outcome of such an encounter could mean the loss of your driver’s license, or it could even mean costly fines and jail time. Many people also don’t understand the rights they have concerning legal representation. When exactly is it okay to call a lawyer? Most DUI cases begin when you are ...
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  • Charges for Parental Kidnapping

    During a particularly contentious divorce, it is possible for one parent to attempt to keep his or her child away from his or her spouse. Whether this attempt is out of jealousy or an attempt to protect the child from a potential abuser, the parent may still be accused of parental kidnapping. Colorado has a law to address this scenario specifically. It is set forth in Article 13 of the Colorado ...
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  • Don’t Be Tricked into Speaking to Law Enforcement During an Investigation

    If a police officer or someone connected to law enforcement wants to speak to you, they are likely conducting a criminal investigation. Depending on how much of a suspect they consider you, whatever you say could lead to an arrest. It’s in your best interest not to talk to the police unless you’re the actual victim of a crime. According to the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, you have the ...
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  • Charges of Kidnapping

    As you can imagine, the charge of kidnapping is an incredibly serious crime in the state of Colorado. However, you may not even realize you could be accused of kidnapping for certain actions. For example, if a parent takes his or her child somewhere without the permission of the other parent, the parent who wasn’t informed could call the police and report a kidnapping. In other circumstances, ...
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