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  • Federal Crimes vs. State Crimes

    Criminal prosecutions are brought in a variety of jurisdictions: municipal court, county court, state court and federal court. State court prosecutions are for violations of common crimes such as burglary, robbery, assaults, sex offenses and thefts. Federal prosecutions are for violations of crimes which have been declared by Congress to be federal in nature. These crimes include violations of the ...
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  • The History of the Federal Kidnapping Act

    Each individual state handles kidnapping charges that occur within its borders. However, when other states get involved, the federal government will now step in and start pursuing the kidnappers to bring them to justice. This was made possible through a landmark piece of legislation known as the Federal Kidnapping Act of 1932, which came hot on the heels of a criminal scandal that shook the entire ...
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  • Possible Kidnapping Charge Defenses

    Kidnapping is an extremely serious offense that requires a hard-hitting and effective criminal defense to fight back against. According to Colorado law, kidnapping involves knowingly taking and moving someone from one place to another against their will. Colorado law states that the amount of distance that someone must be moved for the crime to be charged is extremely small—as little as moving ...
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