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Banks Are Considered an Attractive Target for Colorado Robbers

Even in the age of advanced technology, bank robbery is still a common crime throughout Douglas County and the rest of the nation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation states that in 2011, there were 5,000 reported bank robberies and $30 million stolen from financial institutions across the country. Although many banks use high-tech security systems, robbers are not deterred from robbing financial institutions for several reasons.

Low Risk & Lucrative Rewards

There are several reasons why banks are a low-risk target for robbers:

  • Many banks use a similar design and operate in a predictable manner.
  • Most bank workers do not have a weapon and are trained to be compliant.
  • Getting money from a bank worker is usually a quick and efficient process.
  • Bank robbers generally do not get apprehensive while they are performing this crime because most robberies are successful.

Although most people who commit bank robbery are eventually caught, it takes approximately 18 months for law enforcement officials to catch 75% of bank robbers, says the U.S. Department of Justice. These low-risk factors and delayed chances of getting caught make banks an attractive venue for robbers.

In Colorado, two brothers and their father were able to successfully rob eight banks over a period of several months. Because two brothers were involved in the crime, reports about the suspect of the robberies that were committed often stated that the suspect looked the same but that his height would change. The two brothers and their father were eventually caught and are now facing charges for multiple robberies, says ABC News.

Consequences of Robbery

Although bank robbers are not usually faced with being caught right away and are generally able to walk away with money successfully, a study done by the Department of Economics of Sussex states that robbing a bank may not always pay off as a success. Unlike what is portrayed in many movies, robbers don't always walk away with stacks of cash. The study found that in the U.S., bank robbers generally took away approximately $4,330 from each robbery.

In addition to these meager rewards, the Judicial Branch of the state of Colorado also considers theft a Class 4 felony. If the robber is armed with any sort of weapon, wounds another person during the crime, or convinces others at the site of the robbery that they are carrying a weapon, the crime is considered a class 3 felony.

Robbery and other violent crimes carry serious consequences for individuals who are caught. If you have been arrested or are being questioned by law enforcement officers in connection with any type of crime, contact an attorney that focuses on criminal law and can defend your rights.

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