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Understanding Arson Charges

Colorado Arson Charges Explained

According to Colorado law, arson is the unlawful act of setting fire to a property causing damages. There are four degrees of arson charges in Colorado.  Your penalties and possible defenses will be dependent upon what your charges are and the circumstances of the crime.  It pays to have a Denver criminal defense attorney from The Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. on your side.  I know what it takes to fight arson charges and will fight relentlessly to help you retain your rights.

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Four Degrees of Arson

Fourth Degree Arson: This charge is applicable to crimes where an individual recklessly sets or maintains a fire or explosion that poses a threat of extensive destruction or serious injury to others. A fourth degree arson charge does not necessarily involve intent. This is considered a misdemeanor charge based on the property value, but will be a felony charge if the fire or explosion endangered another being.

Third Degree Arson: This charge is applicable when an individual intentionally sets fire to a property, with intent to defraud as well.  This charge also applies to arson when the individual attempts to collect a fire insurance settlement. This is a class 4 felony and will result in jail time of 2-6 years and extensive fines.

Second Degree Arson: This charge applies to crimes where an individual sets fire to another person’s property without their consent. The determination of misdemeanor or felony is based upon the value of the property.

First Degree Arson: This charge applies to a fire (or explosion) set to an occupiable building or structure.  An occupiable building is one intended for accommodation or shelter.  A person or animal may or may not be in the structure at the time of the fire.  This includes a park rotunda, a gazebo, a shed or any structure that provides shelter for living beings. This is a class 3 felony and can result in 4-12 years jail time and fines ranging from several thousand to several hundred thousand.

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If you are facing arson charges to any degree, you need to seek legal counsel from an experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. The complexity of your charges and specific nature of your offenses will determine the defenses your attorney uses in your case.  Let us work with you to examine the evidence against you and build your defense from the start.  As your Denver arson defense attorney, I will work with arson experts to review burn patterns, flame intensity and damage patterns to seek to reduce your charges. Your future is at stake, so let me give you a fighting chance at keeping your rights and freedom.

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