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Gov. Polis Raises Recreational Pot Possession Limit to 2 Ounces

On May 20, 2021, Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1090, which doubles the recreational cannabis possession limit to two ounces for adults who are at least 21 years old. Furthermore, he also said that he will issue additional pardons to individuals who have been convicted of possessing up to two (2) ounces of marijuana in Colorado. 

Gov. Polis announced his office will start reviewing records in the next few months to prepare for additional pardons. In October, the governor pardoned over 2,700 Coloradans who have been convicted of possession of one (1) ounce of pot. 

Before HB 1090 became law, if a person was convicted of possessing between one and two ounces of cannabis, he/she had to file a petition for record sealing through the court. However, individuals were also required to notify the district attorney that charged them and make several court appearances. 

Although filing a petition is still necessary, the new legislation speeds up the process. If a person meets all the criteria and has not been convicted of another crime since he/she completed his/her sentence, the courts must seal convictions, without the chance for a district attorney to object. 

In addition, the new law also makes people who have been convicted of a Class 3 felony for marijuana cultivation (i.e., growing at least 30 plants) is eligible for record sealing. While the legislation does not offer a faster sealing process compared to possession convictions, cultivation convictions were previously ineligible altogether for record sealing. 

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