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Defending arson charges is highly complex due to the numerous types of arson charges possible. Are the arson charges made by federal or state officials? Are the charges for first-, second-, third-, or fourth-degree arson? What were the factors for determining the degree of charges and can the charges be reduced? These are questions that only an experienced Denver arson lawyer can answer.

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Arson Attorney in Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Arapahoe and Adams Counties

I am David L. Owen Jr., a skilled Denver arson attorney, and I have defended clients against arson fire charges for 33 years. For a no-charge consultation regarding your state or federal arson charges, contact my office for a free consultation.

Arson charges can bring immediate feelings of alarm and panic, but there is hope. When I handle your arson charge, I can immediately begin an investigation of your criminal case.

If you hire me, I work with arson experts to examine and determine the following:

  • Burn patterns
  • Flame intensity
  • Damage patterns

Often, charges can be reduced based on intent, imminent danger, property destruction, and value of property destruction. I will work with forensic accountants to evaluate financial motivations and determine whether the accused was really "in desperate need of money."

Arson Investigations & Your Defense

Evidence involved in fire cases is often based on the specific circumstances. For that reason, a creative defense will need to be built by a lawyer who has knowledge of the laws pertaining to arson.

Common arson cases include:

  • Setting fire to a house
  • Setting fire to a religious building
  • Negligent use of fire
  • Arson with the intent to disguise another crime
  • Insurance fraud through home fire

With the use of experts, an experienced attorney can show that the tire was accidental. If the fire was the cause of negligence, the method of defense will be vastly different.

If intent is established, your defense may include at least one of the following:

  • Insufficient evidence
  • Mistaken identification
  • Falsely accused

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