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Understanding Assault Charges

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According to Colorado Revised Statute §§ 18-3-202, 18-3-206, menacing is different from assault in that assault requires actual physical contact to occur, while menacing does not. In other words, assault is intentionally causing someone physical harm while menacing is simply threatening to cause them that same harm. Like all assault crimes, menacing could potentially be considered a felony and subject you to serious legal consequences if you are convicted.

When you are facing charges of menacing, it is important that you obtain experienced legal representation that can help protect you against your accusations. At the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., I, Attorney David L. Owen, Jr. has advocated for numerous clients and earned a tremendous record of success thanks to my aggressive style of litigation. I firmly believe that the attorney you hire to represent you should be the one who you work with through your entire case, and I am proud to provide top-rated service to all of my clients.

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Penalties You Could Face

Menacing can vary between misdemeanor and felony charges depending on the nature of the crime. In simple menacing cases, the charge is a class three misdemeanor. However, if a deadly weapon, such as a gun or a knife is involved, you could be facing class five felony charges.

Penalties for menacing can include:

  • Fines between $50 and $100,000
  • Jail time (up to six months for a misdemeanor, up to three years for a felony)
  • Possible loss of rights
  • Permanent criminal record

With so much on the line, it is not advised that you attempt to represent yourself in court. I am available for immediate jail visits if necessary, and even offer same-day appointments in emergency situations.

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