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Understanding Drug Crimes

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When you are facing drug charges, either in state or federal court, you risk harsh consequences, including potential prison time. Being convicted of any type of drug offense can impair your ability to obtain loans for college or to find gainful employment. You need legal counsel that understands all of your options, and who is capable of caring for your short- and long-term interests.

Legal Defense for Drug Charges in Colorado's Court System

If you have been charged with any of the following crimes associated with a controlled substance, I can help you:

I am David L. Owen, Jr., a Denver State and federal drug crime defense lawyer, and I have been defending people against criminal charges for 33 years. I provide my clients with personalized attention and will vigorously defend their rights.

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Is Molly Legal in Colorado?

Molly is still illegal in Colorado. Possession or distribution of Ecstasy (MDMA), or Molly, is a felony offense in Colorado, and can carry extremely severe penalties, including fines and prison time.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights and Your Future

Drug possession cases often turn on the moment of arrest. Why was your vehicle pulled over? Why was your home searched? Did law enforcement officials have a warrant? Any misstep on the part of an officer can result in your charges being dismissed.

When missteps are not evident, I can discuss the pros and cons of taking your case to trial. I have extensive experience presenting cases to juries, and I can provide persuasive and diligent courtroom representation.

Aggressive Defense Against Drug Trafficking and Smuggling Charges

Drug trafficking and smuggling charges are often part of a number of different charges, including possession, intent to distribute, and conspiracy. Weeding through the charges and thoroughly investigating the evidence against you takes experience and dedication. My goal in every case is to achieve the best results for my clients, and this may include having evidence thrown out, a reduction in charges, and in cases that go to trial, an acquittal.

When I look at your case, I will examine each step of the investigation to determine if your rights were violated. I will look to uncover witness bias and false confessions that may weaken the prosecution's case.

Situations that I often examine include questions such as:

  • Was the stop of your vehicle or search of your home based on probable cause?
  • What evidence does the state have to show intent to traffic or smuggle the drugs?
  • How were the drugs collected, tested and stored?
  • Are confidential informants with their own motives providing information to law enforcement?

If there are problems with any of these elements, your charges may be reduced or even dismissed. If your case does advance to trial, you will have experienced legal counsel on your side that knows how to aggressively and effectively cross-examine the prosecution's witnesses.

Representing Defendants Against Drug Sales & Distribution Charges

Charges involving the distribution, sale, or manufacturing of drugs are serious matters that demand a serious defense. I am not afraid to ask the hard questions and to thoroughly examine the facts leading up to your arrest. In some cases, paraphernalia and drug quantities may not be enough to prove intent to distribute charges. I will fight to get these types of charges reduced or dismissed.

My clients range from alleged "small-time" sellers to people who have been arrested between border towns in New Mexico, Arizona, and California while on their way to Chicago and other large cities. Law enforcement officers must follow a broad range of rules when enforcing drug laws. When they fail to follow the rules, your rights have been violated. If you choose to be represented by my firm, I will defend your constitutional rights.

33 Years’ Experience & a Track Record of Success

Whether you are charged in state or federal court, I am knowledgeable about the law and will provide you with exceptional legal representation every step of the way.

I handle all types of state and federal drug charges, including:

I can help you regardless of the type of drug that you are accused of possessing or distributing. I have defended clients accused of cocaine and crack cocaine charges, marijuana possession, methamphetamine charges (including meth labs), and accusations involving ecstasy. My clients have also relied on me regarding LSD and heroin charges as well.

"I applaud David's ability to research opportunities and develop creative tactics to produce a strong defense. His use of videotape, private investigators, and psychologists proved to be key elements of the defense."

- Former Client

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