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Have you been charged with the sale, distribution, or manufacturing of drugs? Consequences and criminal penalties can be severe, ranging from fines and jail time to the results of a criminal record, employment, and housing issues. At David L. Owen, Jr., P.C, you will find me, an experienced drug sales lawyer in Denver. I have successfully defended hundreds of clients facing drug charges, including drug distribution.

Before penalties can result, a conviction must occur. This is where a lawyer can help. Contact me today for a free consultation.

I can investigate your case and address important factors such as the following:

  • How were you caught? Was your vehicle pulled over? Was your person or home searched? I can determine whether your rights were violated. If they were, your charges may be dismissed.
  • Why were you pulled over? Do you feel you were profiled racially? This may affect your case.
  • Did the drugs really belong to you? If not, the charges may be dismissed.
  • Do paraphernalia and drug quantities really prove drug sales or intent to distribute? If not, charges may be reduced.

My clients range from "small-time" marijuana sellers to individuals arrested between border towns in New Mexico, Arizona, and California. These individuals are often on their way to bigger cities were distribution is very common. Law enforcement and highway patrol officers must follow a broad range of rules when enforcing drug laws. When they fail, alleged violators have rights.

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Do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., to protect your rights and your future in any drug sale, distribution, or manufacturing case. I have extensive experience defending individuals against a wide range of charges. With your future on the line, it is important to retain strong legal counsel who is completely honest, respectful, and fully dedicated to your well-being.

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