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Whether you are accused as a "small-time" marijuana seller or you are facing multiple federal charges alleging the trafficking or smuggling drugs between border towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, you need an experienced attorney. Consequences and criminal penalties can be severe and often include fines and prison time.

Before you deal with the penalties, the state or federal government must first secure a conviction. This is where an experienced Denver federal drug trafficking attorney can make a difference in your case. At David L. Owen, Jr., P.C, I have successfully defended hundreds of clients facing drug charges, including allegations of drug trafficking and drug smuggling.

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When you are arrested and charged with a drug smuggling or trafficking offense, you may be facing multiple charges – including drug possession, intent to distribute, and conspiracy – that all stem from the single incident. Weeding through the charges and thoroughly investigating the evidence against you takes experience and dedication.

My goal in every case is to achieve the best results for my clients, and this may include:

  • Having evidence thrown out
  • Reduction in charges
  • Not-guilty verdict (in cases that go to trial)

When I look at your case I will examine each step of the investigation to determine if your rights were violated. I will look to uncover witness biases and false confessions that weaken the prosecution's case.

Situations that I often examine include:

  • Law enforcement had no probable cause to stop you or search you
  • Insufficient evidence on behalf of the prosecution
  • False information regarding the amount, type, and storage of drugs
  • Witness testimonies from individuals with a motive to help law enforcement for personal gain

If there are questions or problems with any of these elements, your charges may be reduced and, in some cases, dismissed. If your case does advance to trial, I am an experienced Denver drug trafficking & smuggling lawyer and widely recognized for being an exceptional cross-examiner at trial.

Guidance Every Step of the Way in Your Drug Crime Case

I spent 18 years as a federal public defender and have 33 years of legal experience. Through the years, I have developed an intimate understanding of how federal and state prosecutors construct their drug cases, and I know how to effectively find flaws in their strategies for your defense.

My firm is truly and fully dedicated to defending the best interests of my clients. I work diligently and put my best foot forth in safeguarding their rights. I understand the tactics that prosecutors use and will challenge them to the best of my ability in hopes of achieving a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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