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Understanding Drug Crimes

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Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, is considered one of the most highly addictive and dangerous street drugs. Law enforcement officers and investigators often associate meth use and manufacturing with other violent criminal acts.

I am Denver meth defense attorney David L. Owen Jr., and you can count on me to provide you with skilled representation, no matter the charges against you. As a former assistant federal public defender for 18 years, I understand how prosecutors work and know how to exploit the weaknesses in their cases.

With 33 years of total experience, my knowledge has allowed me to defend nearly every type of state and federal drug charge. My goal is to help you, too.

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Meth Charges & Penalties in Denver, CO

Penalties for the manufacturing of methamphetamine have increased in recent years. Some meth lab operations have resulted in fires or explosions causing severe injuries or even death. Members of a meth conspiracy are held accountable for these casualties even if they are not the "cooks" and are just the "seller."

The penalties you face depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • The amount of meth
  • Any previous convictions
  • Involvement of weapons
  • Location and proximity to schools

Investigating Your Methamphetamine Drug Charges in Colorado

My goal is to examine every aspect of the investigation against you. If I am able to uncover any missteps on behalf of the law enforcement, I can use these to benefit your case. Your rights are extremely important to me and safeguarding them is my ultimate goal.

At David L. Owen, Jr., P.C, I make myself available for same-day appointments, as well as meetings on weekends and nights by request. I can also visit clients in jail. My representation is always honest and respectful, and you can trust me to work tirelessly to advocate on your behalf.

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