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Facing Charges for Possession of Stolen Property?

Possession of Stolen Property in Denver

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Knowingly possessing stolen property, whether or not you came to it by gift or purchase, is against the law and in many cases carries similar penalties to that of the actual theft of the property itself. Like other theft crimes, possessing stolen property is penalized based on the value of the property in question, with the lowest charges being petty offenses and the most serious being class 2 felonies.

If you are facing charges for receiving stolen property, you should not face your prosecution without first consulting with my firm. My name is David L. Owen Jr. and I have stood up for those facing these and many other theft crime charges in my 33 years of experience. I have successfully handled hundreds of cases on both a state and federal level, giving me an extensive resume of experience fighting back against a wide variety of criminal charges that I can put to use protecting you.

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Common Defenses to Possession of Stolen Property

The biggest thing about these particular charges is that your prosecution must prove to the jury that you took possession of property with full knowledge that the property was stolen. In many cases, people accused of this crime are simply unaware that the property in question was stolen. When this is the case, there is no crime.

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