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Have you been accused of a federal criminal offense? If so, the immense resources and sheer manpower of the federal government will be brought down on you. The hand of the federal government is incredibly heavy, and often, harshly unforgiving.

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How to Choose a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you have been indicted in federal court or are still under investigation, you will need a powerful defender to fight on your behalf. You will be up against federal prosecutors, investigators, and federal agents, all of whom conduct massive investigations to make certain everything is in order when they file charges. No matter what your case involves, speaking with an experienced Denver federal criminal defense attorney will be crucial to the success of your case.

As a client of my firm, you can expect the following:

  • 33 years of legal experience in various courts
  • Aggressive and results-oriented defense strategies
  • Immediate jail visits, if needed or requested
  • Same-day, evening, or weekend availability
  • Free and confidential consultations
  • Direct and personal access to an experienced defender

How Federal Charges Are Different

Federal criminal charges are much different than ones associated with the state. The federal court handles cases in a much different fashion.

Below are some of the differences:

  • Prosecutors are different. They are called Assistant United States Attorneys and they usually have fewer cases than state prosecutors.
  • Judges are different.Either the United States Magistrate Judge or the United States District Judge will hear your case.
  • The court’s schedule is different. In most cases, your case will be the only one heard at a specific time.
  • Bail is different. Conditions upon release are often imposed in addition to just money.
  • The jury is different. Jurors come from the judicial district or judicial division where the court is located.
  • Sentencing is different. It is based on the federal sentencing guidelines.

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Not all lawyers are prepared to go up against such a strong opponent. Not all lawyers understand how to sift through the case against you. Not all lawyers know how to find weaknesses in a case and pursue opportunities to get you a favorable outcome.

Even the smallest misstep could result in years of prison, the loss of your career, and other penalties. You need a Denver federal crime lawyer with a history of taking on the federal government and succeeding in these complex cases. Contact us today!

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I spent 18 years as a federal public defender and I have an intimate understanding of how the federal prosecutors construct their cases. Due to my extensive experience, I know how to investigate a case and find flaws in the way a case is being prosecuted or presented. I aggressively handle every aspect of every case – from plea negotiations to trial. I am widely recognized for being an exceptional cross-examiner and can use my understanding of the federal sentencing guidelines to your advantage.

“It takes a special kind of attorney to make the legal machinery of the U.S. see a defendant as a human being. Through his sterling advocacy on my behalf, his carefully crafted defense, his ability to deconstruct the prosecution's arguments, and above all his attention to the particularities of my case and my needs, David Owen did that for me.”

- Derek, Former Client

Qualified. Experienced. Skilled.

It is your life and liberty involved in the federal criminal courts, so I keep you updated on every development. You deserve to know what is happening in your case and kept fully informed on a regular basis. Only in this manner will you be able to make the important decisions that come during the course of your case.

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Tough Defense Strategies for Tough Criminal Charges

  • Fight to reduce, dismiss, or acquit your charges.

  • Keep you informed of your case at all times.

  • Available for evening, weekend appointments and jail visits.

  • Former first assistant federal public defender.

  • Complimentary and confidential consultations.

  • Will travel to you to hear your side of the story