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Computers now factor into a variety of criminal charges. Entire industries and government agencies have arisen to face the challenges that electronic information brings to criminal investigations. If you have been charged with a computer-related crime, it is essential that you work with an experienced computer crimes defense attorney who can defend your rights during the criminal process. I am a Denver computer crimes lawyer and the founder of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. I offer free consultations in all computer crime cases.

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I work with computer forensic experts who are skilled at analyzing electronic evidence and ascertaining whether government agents' theories of criminal conduct are true. I have over three decades of experience in defending federal computer-related crimes.

One common and effective tactic in defending yourself against computer crimes is the study of hash marks. Each computer file and image has a distinctive hash mark. This means, for instance, that an alleged image of child pornography has its own unique hash marks. Working with a computer forensic expert, I can compare the images involved with your case to images held in evidence by government officials.

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Whether you face child porn, credit card theft, internet stalking, or harassment charges, I can provide effective and experienced representation. I offer same-day appointments, and am available on weekends and evenings by request.

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