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Internet Harassment Defense in Denver?

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Today's fast-paced online communications through the social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is easier than ever before. Because we are not putting anything down on paper, we may believe our communications are confidential and secure.

Therefore, many people don't think about what they are sending to others. Whether it is a cartoon, a joke, or even attempting to start a romantic relationship, you can never be sure how the other person or persons will react. They may think as you do or, they may take offense at what was sent.

When this happens, you may be accused of:

  • Internet harassment
  • Cyber stalking
  • Cyberbullying

You could be faced with a restraining order or even charged with a criminal offense. In federal court, it is Title 47 U.S.C. § 223(a) and in Colorado courts, it is §18-9-111, C.R.S. that penalizes this type of behavior. As your Denver internet harassment defense lawyer, I can help you in either of these jurisdictions. Don't let your ability to remain out of jail rely on an attorney unfamiliar with defending these charges.

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How Can Our Denver Internet Harassment Attorney Help?

At the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., I am fully committed to helping my clients reach the most favorable outcome possible. I gather and analyze any necessary evidence to help utilize in your defense. I understand the complex nature of internet harassment cases and the way the prosecutors approach trial. Using this knowledge, I will advocate on your behalf seeking to either reduce the charges against you or receive a complete case dismissal.

If you have been charged with internet harassment, it is important to act quickly. My firm is available for same-day appointments and I will even make jail visits. If you prefer, I can be available on nights or weekends by request. I always remain dedicated to looking out for your best interests, helping you from the beginning of negotiations to the end of trial.

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