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Facing Federal Conspiracy Charges?

Charged with Federal Conspiracy?

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Conspiracy is one of the easiest charges for a prosecutor to obtain a conviction. Conspiracy in its simplest terms means two or more people agreeing to commit an illegal act. Prosecutors in both federal and state court only need to show that two or more people were involved and they agreed to commit an illegal act and that you were one of these people. The agreement does not have to be an expressed agreement in writing or verbal. Simply acting in a manner to accomplish the same illegal goal is sufficient.

A conviction or conspiracy can result in:

  • Extended prison sentences
  • Fines
  • Criminal record
  • Diminished social standing

An experienced Denver federal conspiracy attorney can combat these types of charges. Not everyone charged with conspiracy knew or should have known they were acting in a manner to accomplish the goal of a conspiracy. Be sure you have an attorney with considerable experience in defending against these types of federal charges.

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All Parties to a Conspiracy Are Subject to Serious Penalties

All parties to a conspiracy will be punished the same. A conspirator is responsible for the reasonably foreseeable actions of another member of the conspiracy. A common example of this is when two people decide to rob a bank. One person is the getaway driver and the other person goes into the bank to steal the money.

While in the bank, that robber shoots and kills a teller, security guard, or customer. The getaway driver is just as guilty of felony murder as the robber who shot and killed someone in the bank. The getaway driver will be punished the same as the robber who shot and killed someone in the bank.

David L. Owen, Jr., P.C has 33 years of experience defending against conspiracy charges in both federal and state court. You need this level of experience on your side, protecting your rights and defending you against these types of charges. Do not hesitate to contact me to secure reliable representation.

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