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State and federal governments spend a lot of money investigating and prosecuting fraud cases. If you have been charged with fraud, hiring an accomplished and knowledgeable lawyer should be your first step toward resolving these criminal allegations. I am Denver fraud attorney, David L. Owen Jr., and I have a track record of skillfully handled criminal fraud offenses, including many complex cases. When your future is on the line, you need help from an attorney with 33 years of experience in criminal defense trials who is not afraid to take on the prosecution.

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A Strong Defense Against Fraud Charges

Mail fraud is charged when the federal government believes that you were committing a fraud or a swindle, and you used the U.S. mail to assist your alleged criminal activity. The use of Federal Express, UPS, DHL, or another delivery service can also lead to charges of mail fraud. The government must first prove that there was a fraud or a swindle that took place, then it must prove that mail was used to transmit some information in furtherance of the alleged fraud or swindle.

I put my decades of experience to work when it comes to defending my clients who are charged with this type of crime. I have the knowledge and the tools to protect my clients’ rights and futures. There are times when the government uses investigative measures such as wiretaps to help it round up people suspected of committing crimes. Your voice could innocently be on these wiretaps. Make sure you retain a Denver fraud attorney who is knowledgeable about the laws controlling how the government can obtain wiretaps and what type of information it may use.

Defending Your Rights Every Step of the Way

Wire fraud is charged when the federal government believes that you were committing a fraud or a swindle and used any electronic measures, such as a telephone, cellphone, television, internet, or radio to assist you in the alleged fraud or swindle. As with mail fraud, the government must first prove that there existed a fraud or swindle, and then prove that electronic means were used to transmit some information in furtherance of that fraud or swindle.

There are certain limits on the type of information the government may use when prosecuting these cases and limits on how this information is gathered. I have extensive experience defending people against these types of charges. I will work hard to ensure that your rights remain protected at every stage of your case.

Handling a Wide Range of Fraud Cases

In addition to mail fraud and wire fraud, I have also skillfully handled a wide range of other fraud cases, including federal charges of:

I have investigated fraud cases worldwide, and I understand how prosecutors operate. As founder of the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., I will provide exceptional, personalized representation every step of the way. I know how to relate to juries, and I am a respected trial attorney.

My office is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For your convenience, my firm is available by phone 24 hours a day and takes same-day appointments. I also make jail visits, and am available for evening and weekend appointments, upon request.

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