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Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyer in Denver

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Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, clinics, hospitals, and other health care professionals and facilities that face fraud charges also face the possibility of the loss of licensure and jail time. If you have been accused of Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, or other charges related to healthcare, it is important that you obtain qualified legal assistance.

I am David L. Owen Jr., a skilled and experienced Denver healthcare fraud attorney. During my career, I have defended dozens of healthcare providers against fraud charges, both as a federal public defender and as a private practice lawyer.

Healthcare fraud charges are often associated with:

  • Overbilling
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Billing for nonexistent patients

I can provide an aggressive and knowledgeable investigation, strategize an effective defense, and provide skilled and experienced representation in negotiations and in the courtroom. I have extensive experience handling jury trials and have won favorable results for numerous clients.

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A key to effectively handling fraud charges is familiarity with federal sentencing guidelines. I have worked with these guidelines since 1987. My extensive knowledge regarding federal sentencing guidelines means I know where to start when negotiating a plea. And when prosecutors fail to present a strong case or a fair offer, I can offer decades of experience to your trial.

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