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Effective Defense Against Fraud Charges

Insurance Fraud Cases in Denver

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Filing a false claim for insurance benefits can result in rapid and high-value compensation. It can also lead to federal felony fraud and theft charges. If you have been accused of insurance fraud by federal authorities, contact my office. I am David L. Owen Jr. With extensive experience in criminal defense, I know how to help you. I began my career with a long stint as an assistant federal public defender.

A fraud conviction can lead to serious consequences, including a long-term jail or prison sentence. Don't take risks with your freedom and reputation. This matter requires skilled representation from a Denver insurance fraud lawyer who understands the various laws and sentencing guidelines. As founder of the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., I will put my best foot forth in protecting your best interests.

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Put My Experience to Work for You

My extensive criminal law experience means I have handled a wide range of fraud charges, including:

  • Auto insurance fraud
  • Property insurance fraud
  • Healthcare insurance fraud

Have you been accused of burning a residential or commercial property to fraudulently collect on property insurance? Have federal agents accused you of over-billing following medical services? Have you claimed your car was stolen, or are you accused of staging a car accident?

I work with investigators to locate witnesses and gather key evidence, then assemble a strongest-possible case to present to federal prosecutors. I am also fully familiar with federal sentencing guidelines. This helps me negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of charges. In the event that negotiations don't result in a favorable solution, I am prepared to provide seasoned representation in trial.

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Tough Defense Strategies for Tough Criminal Charges

  • Fight to reduce, dismiss, or acquit your charges.

  • Keep you informed of your case at all times.

  • Available for evening, weekend appointments and jail visits.

  • Former first assistant federal public defender.

  • Complimentary and confidential consultations.

  • Will travel to you to hear your side of the story