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Tax Crime Charges Can Be Serious

Denver Tax Crime Defense Attorney

Challenge Serious Tax Crime Charges in Denver and Surrounding Counties

Are you now, or do you believe you will be, the subject of an IRS criminal investigation?

Common reasons that the IRS investigates an individual for committing a tax crime include:

  • Failure to file your income taxes
  • False information on your tax forms
  • Underreporting of your income
  • Utilization of one of the many bogus tax avoidance schemes in existence

If you are facing a possible tax crime charge, then you need to call the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., as soon as possible. With 33 years' experience representing clients charged in federal criminal court for tax crimes I have the experience, knowledge, and ability to defend against these types of charges. I am a skilled Denver tax crimes lawyer committed to safeguarding your best interests throughout the legal process.

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Denver Tax Crimes Defense Attorney Takes on the IRS

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service is comprised of highly trained and skilled investigators. Usually they are accountants who are capable of doing a lengthy and thorough forensic investigation into your financial background. Their focus is on proving you willfully and deliberately attempted to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. If they are successful, you could be facing a sentence including a number of years in a federal prison.

Whether you intended to commit fraud is the central question in any prosecution for tax fraud. An experienced criminal tax fraud attorney is capable of making the arguments to the federal prosecutors, judges, and juries to show you did not intend to commit tax fraud. Do not believe the matter will clear itself up. You need experienced representation immediately. Only then is it possible to avoid a felony conviction, a hefty fine, and a long prison sentence.

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